Free Software

We have software for you.  
Occasionally, I will have something that I want to give away for free.


How much does free software cost?

No... really...

Use at your own risk!

There is no getting around it. No matter how much you prepare for every eventuality, there is no way to predict the future. Therefore, USE ALL SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK! There is no guarantee that any of this software will work, nor is there any warranty to any damages that might incur due to it's use. Not even the big software companies give anything more.



Documentation is a bit difficult sometimes; Microsoft continually changes their standards, and everyone has different ides.  Our idea is a single HTML document with the whole document embedded.
Alice In Wonderland (v1)
Alice in Wonderland (v2)
Grimm Fairy-tails


Random Ideas

Simple Unzipper (Sunzip, self-extracting)
Simple program to unzip files.

Math Hangman (x32) and (Setup)
A hangman program I wrote for Windows to help with kids and basic math.

Tip/Sale Calculator (Android)
Tip/Sale Calculator I wrote for my wife and her new phone.


More To Come

What's next... who knows....

It'll probably involve cats.